How are you vibrating?

When I work with my clients and we discover an area of concern that they want to work on I always ask “on a scale of 1-10, how are you vibrating about this?”  Usually it’s a low number like 4, or 5.  Then I take them through a process and at the end I ask them where they are vibrating now about the topic and it’s always a higher number, which means I helped them raise their vibration about the topic.  Having a raised vibration means they are that much closer to having or resolving whatever the issue was.  Even if they go up 1 point – say from a 4 to 5 that is still fantastic because even that 1 point higher is a stronger vibration and in the right direction.  I’ve had clients say “i’ve only gone up 1 point” and I always say “that is fantastic!”  Then they get it, that any raise in vibration is the key.  So, think about where you’re vibrating about a particular thing you want or want to happen and then think about what you can do to raise that vibration.  If you want my help in raising your vibration about something let me know -thanks and have a great day.


2 thoughts on “How are you vibrating?

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