Can every day feel like a Sunday?

Aren’t Sundays great.  Typically you can get up when you want to, have a relaxing morning, nothing feels rushed, you eventually have a leisurely lunch, maybe even go out for lunch, then you go for a long walk, etc. etc. etc.  Well every day can’t be a Sunday, but it certainly “feel” like a Sunday.  Every morning when you wake up, after you say your morning affirmations (I work with my clients to help them figure out the morning affirmations for them), then remember how it feels every Sunday, luxuriate in the FEELING of taking your time, just feeling good, everything is relaxed, etc.  Doing this WILL make your day feel more like this and you’ll be attracting more of those kinds of days.  So, if you want every day to FEEL like a Sunday, it can, but it’s up to you to choose to get into that feeling place and allow it to happen.  Have you ever had a Wednesday feel like a Sunday?


One thought on “Can every day feel like a Sunday?

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