Expand your limitations

It is amazing to me how many people put limits on themselves in all areas of their lives.  For various reasons we can tend to think that we can only have so much money, or so much success, or so much happiness.  I love when my clients realize that they are the ones putting limits on so many things.  Then, through talking and doing various processes they get a taste of how it feels to expand their limitations and it feels wonderful!  You don’t have to know how you’re going to get something or where it’s going to come from.  If you can really get that, you can blow the roof off your limitations and allow more wonderful things to come to you.  Someone I know was used to getting economy cars and when it came time to buy a new car he was once again looking at economy cars.  I asked “is this the car you really want?”  He said “not really.”  So I said “well why are you looking at these cars then.”  Then he went into his routine of lack about why he can’t have the car he really wants.  After talking with him I convinced him to at least test drive his dream car and get a feel for how it feels to actually be in it and drive it.  Long story short, through a series of events, his dream car is now sitting in his garage!  Once he expanded his limitation about what car he thought he could have, boom – he now has his dream car!  Where are you putting unnecessary limitations in your life?


4 thoughts on “Expand your limitations

  1. I am guilty of putting limitations in my life. Although it has been a difficult task I am slowly seeing the light. I have been reading books about the law of attraction and many others. I really wish I had a life coach to help..
    Also, I am new to WordPress, I started writing blogs for self-medication. I would like to invite you to my blog, I would love to hear your comments.

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