I got the seat on the train

I was coming home from the City and the train was packed.  When I got on people were already standing.  Instead of going into negative thoughts like “darn, I’m going to have to stand” or “oh well there’s no more seats left” I did the opposite and reminded myself that law of attraction is ALWAYS working so I thought “I will find a seat” “there will be a seat for me”.  So I walked into the train and about half way through the car, I saw a lady was sitting in one seat and there were a few books on the seat next to her.  Other people just walked right by.  I said to her “is this seat taken?” and she said “oh no, please sit” and she moved the books away!  It was as if she was saving the seat for me!  I added that to my “win” journal and was once again shown how keeping my thoughts in the “right” direction does “work”!  What wins have you had?

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