Create your own headlines…

I was noticing on the internet that all the short news clips that we have options of clicking on are ALL about something bad.  I don’t even want to think what this constant bombardment of bad news headlines does to everyones vibration.  It made me realize that we have to have our own GOOD NEWS headlines that float through our minds so that we can focus on positive things that will keep our vibrations high on the scale, which in turn will attract good news to us.  One way to do this is to think of what you’re thankful for.  When I say this I not only mean what your’e thankful for today, but also in general.  Keep these good news headlines flashing through your mind and please don’t get caught up in all the bad news headlines that we all see all day long on our computers.  So, in conclusion, create your own good news headlines and enjoy!


Feelding down?

Are you feeling down today?  Did you know that you can choose to shift your mood from feeling down to feeling good?  In other words it’s your choice if you want to stay feeling down.  Also remember that when you’re feeling down – what vibration are you putting out?  That’s right, low vibrations, which means the law of attraction which is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will match that and give you more things to feel down about!  Is this what you want?  Hopefully you don’t want that and want to CHOOSE to feel better.  Regardless of why you’re feeling down you can always reach for a thought that feels better which raises your vibration, and like my clients do, you can do a process or two which will take you out of that down mood into a much better mood.  This has created a positive shift in my clients daily lives because they consciously choose to feel good.  You see when you are focused on feeling good, you can’t be focused on feeling bad.  This is important when it comes to the law of attraction because when you are consciously thinking good thoughts it will match that and bring more things to you that will create more good thoughts!  If you’d like to experience how to use a process to keep you vibrations up and in return experiencing a better quality of life, let me know and I’ll take you through one over the phone.  But in any event, please be aware of your mood and if you have to shift your thoughts so that you will be in a better mood as much as possible.

Can you allow what you want?

Today during my morning meditation a thought popped up that I have been focusing on and I plan to focus on it all day.  The thought that popped up was “I allow my life to be fantastic!”  I keep thinking this thought and I am also feeling it as well.  It is very important to feel the essence of something so that law of attraction will match it, and bring it to you.  As a result, I am feeling very excited about life.  It may sound simple enough, but allowing is where alot of us get stuck.  Try to think this thought (and of course you can plug in another word “I allow my life to be ________!”  But make sure you feel what you’re thinking and just take a deep breath and allow it.  If any negative thoughts come in just observe them without attaching to them and just keep thinking “I allow my life to be fantastic” or whatever word fits for you personally.  So what will you allow?

This is great

I love this quote I read from the book Living With Joy by Sanaya Roman “Fill your thoughts with what you want to create, and you will have it.”  Sounds easy, right?  Well, try to consciously do that for an entire day and let me know how you found it.  This could be a life changing exercise for you!

How do you think about money?

A fellow coach emailed me about what I would recommend she do with a client who has access to money, but she feels she doesn’t deserve it, plus she spend it on things she doesn’t need.  I immediately thought of several way she can help her client.  First of all the client must tell herself a new story about how she relates to money.  The new story would be about how thankful she is that she has access to money and that she deserves it, and not only that, she only spends it on items she really needs and that makes her feel great.  Then I also recommended she do a 68 second process with her where the client talks for at least 68 seconds as if she has already received money and feels so good because she deserves it and only spends it on necessary items.  This will also help raise her vibration about her relationship with money.  She could also do a clarity through contrast process and desire statement where she will even get clearer on how she can tell herself a new story about her relationship with money.  So now I am asking whoever is reading this – what is your relationship with money?  Do you welcome it and think good thoughts about it – or are you really keeping it away from you by how you think about it or by an old story you’re telling yourself?

What’s your life’s purpose?

Have you ever thought about what your life’s purpose is?  I mean your true life’s purpose, not about your title in whatever career you’re in – I’m talking about what you’re going to bring to the world.  Do you want to always come from joy?  Do you want to help others as much as possible?  Do you want to serve people in some way?  Do you want to be an example of what it truly means to be happy?  One way to start exploring what you’re life’s purpose is, is to imagine that you are in charge of a new planet.  When you get there whatever you decide how you want the plane to be – will be!  What do you want the planet to look like?  How do you want the people there to be?  I know for me I’d want it to look beautiful with lavish gardens and waterfalls and beautiful sunsets, etc.  I’d also want everyone who lives there to instantly be filled with joy and love.  Even the animals on this planet are all friendly and are not dangerous in any way.  Everyones main focus is on being happy and manifesting what they want.  What would your planet look like, and how does it relate to your life’s purpose?

Do you want to lose weight?

So many people want or need to lose weight.  The trick with losing weight, is losing it, and then keeping it off.  The thing is in order to lose and then maintain your ideal weight you have to associate the word “diet” as a good thing.  Most people think of going on a diet as a negative thing and then at some point, if they reach their goal or not, the go off their diet and return to unaware eating.  The truth is you always have to be on a “diet” to be your ideal weight.  I know it’s hard to take but it’s true.  There’s no such thing as eating whatever you want, whenever you want, and expect to stay thin.  You can’t eat “junk” or too much food and then look in the mirror and be upset that you’re overweight – it just doesn’t make sense.  So the first thing you have to realize is that you have to be on a “diet” forever in order to stay your ideal weight.  But being on a “diet” is a good thing because it keeps you aware of how you’re eating.  It’s not to say that you’ll never eat ice cream again or a piece of pizza, but when you do, you’ll know to only have a small amount every once in a while.  The next thing is that you have to make the scale your friend.  Your scale will help tell you if you need to lose a few pounds or not.  You have to know how much you weigh so you’ll know if you need to lose weight.  Once you make friends with the words “diet” and “scale”, then you’ll be on your way to permanent weight loss that will keep you at your ideal and healthiest weight your entire life.  I also help clients to say on track with their ideal weight by showing them processes that will keep them focus on how they want to look and how much they want to weigh.  I take their focus off of what they don’t want, and on to what they do want.  Do you need to lose weight?