Finding a better feeling thought…

Yesterday I had a group coaching call and we were discussing the “finding a better feeling thought” process.  It was great because one of the participants was having a health issue and whenever his health issue appeared his first thought was that he felt his body was betraying him.  After discussing the situation I asked him if there was another thought he could think of that felt real to him, but was a little better than that thought.  After a little resistance he did come up with another, and then another, and then another.  I was so happy for him that he can now turn to a better feeling thought when his illness appears and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had less of the illness because of his improved thinking.  Now he knows that there is a choice of how you think about something.  Where can you find a better feeling thought with something that’s bothering you???


2 thoughts on “Finding a better feeling thought…

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