What are your “wins” for today?

As a law of attraction life coach it is very important for me to ask my clients “what wins did you have since we last talked?”  I also ask myself this question daily.  A “win” is anything good/positive that you experienced.  It could be someting major like an unexpected check came your way, or something you’ve been wanting to happen finally happened – or it could be something as simple as finding a seat on the train, when others are standing.  When I show my clients how to attract a great day, it is important to notice your “wins” because the more you notice them and think about them, the more wins you will attract!  So far for me today I’ve already had a few wins and I will continue to think about them and be thankful for them, and therefore I will attract even more wins that will come my way.  What wins have you had today?


2 thoughts on “What are your “wins” for today?

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