Finding a better feeling thought…

Yesterday I had a group coaching call and we were discussing the “finding a better feeling thought” process.  It was great because one of the participants was having a health issue and whenever his health issue appeared his first thought was that he felt his body was betraying him.  After discussing the situation I asked him if there was another thought he could think of that felt real to him, but was a little better than that thought.  After a little resistance he did come up with another, and then another, and then another.  I was so happy for him that he can now turn to a better feeling thought when his illness appears and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had less of the illness because of his improved thinking.  Now he knows that there is a choice of how you think about something.  Where can you find a better feeling thought with something that’s bothering you???


Rampage of Appreciation

One of the best things about being a life coach who uses law of attraction to help their clients is when the client gets amazing results from the coaching.  One of the processes I use with my clients is called “The Rampage Of Appreciation.”  Using this process helps raise your vibration by observing and appreciating everything about where you are.  For example, say you’re in your office – you simply look around and start appreciating everything you see.  Before you know it you’ve found so many things and this rampage of appreciation raises your vibration and as a result you’ll attract more things to appreciate.  If you’d like to experience using this process, let me know and I’ll take you through it.  Thanks and I appreciate you reading my post(s).

How do you start your morning?

How do you start your morning?  What I mean by this is do you get up and start dreading the day because of your job or because of something you have to face or just because that’s what you’re used to doing?  Or, do you get up thankful for a new day and excited about what the day will bring?  It’s so much better to wake up and immediately have gratitude for getting another day to experience life. Then, enhance the gratitude even more by thinking of a few things that you’re thankful for and feeling how thankful you are as well.  While you’re at it, why not tell the universe that you expect to have a great day and are open to hearing good news and are waiting for a great surprise!  Starting your day like this will align you with what you want and will draw that to you.  What a great way to start the day by attracting a great day from the very beginning.  Try it, you’ll like it!  I know this because my clients who started doing this say it has changed the way their day goes for the better and they are excited to start their days now as compared to before.

What are your “wins” for today?

As a law of attraction life coach it is very important for me to ask my clients “what wins did you have since we last talked?”  I also ask myself this question daily.  A “win” is anything good/positive that you experienced.  It could be someting major like an unexpected check came your way, or something you’ve been wanting to happen finally happened – or it could be something as simple as finding a seat on the train, when others are standing.  When I show my clients how to attract a great day, it is important to notice your “wins” because the more you notice them and think about them, the more wins you will attract!  So far for me today I’ve already had a few wins and I will continue to think about them and be thankful for them, and therefore I will attract even more wins that will come my way.  What wins have you had today?

Where are your thoughts?

Where are your thoughts today?  Do you find yourself thinking about something that annoyed you, or something that bothers you?  Or, are you focusing more on what you are thankful for and appreciative of?  Did you know that the more you focus on something – good or bad – the more of that you will attract.  So, check in with your thoughts and make sure you’re focusing on something positive so that you’ll draw more positive things into your life.  Always remember that it’s a choice – what will you choose?

Deliberate Best Days…

As a law of attraction life coach one of the things I help my clients with is how to deliberately have a great day.  This is very important because you want to start and end your day by letting the universe know what you want and all that you’re greatful and appreciative for.  This has made a big different in my client’s lives and in mine as well.  As an example, think about the first thoughts you have when you wake up and the last thoughts you have when you go to sleep for the day.  If you’d like me to help you make each day amazing, let me know.  Thanks.

The Law of Attraction and You…

As a law of attraction life coach one of my favorite things to do with my clients is serving them by guiding them on how they can use the law of attraction in their lives every day, so that they can enjoy each day as much as possible.  It’s an amazing process to take a client through their thoughts and find out where their own thinking is limitng them from enjoying each day.  As the weeks go by it’s wonderful when my clients report to me how much their weeks have improved, just by thinking and attracting what they want, instead of what they don’t want.  I recently had a client who had so many “wins” during the week, that she took up most of the session just by sharing all the wins she had.  It ended up being a great session because I allowed her to raise her vibration during out coaching call knowing that even more good would come her way.  She was thrilled with the call and can’t wait to talk again next week.