Wondering where my blog posts went, or found your favorite article to have gone missing?

I have been working so hard and couldn’t understand where my wonderful blog posts were disappearing to!  Recently I realized that I was updating my blog on one platform, whereas my main website with the main blog, sits on another platform.

With the help of a consultant, we’ve now consolidated all posts and useful information in my official, main website:

Any articles you may be looking for that used to be on this forum, you can now find there, plus many dozens more! And that’s not all!  On my main website you can also learn about the popular books I have written and the life-changing 21-day Self-Guided Program that I offer.

I really value my followers and to this end, please can I ask that you head over to my official, consolidated website and follow me there.  You can also subscribe to my newsletter.

To say thank you, I am offering you a first free coaching session!

Hope to reconnect with you soon at my official website:

All the best!